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October 23, 2017


Directions: On a Whiteboard " or chalk board" write down any two letters in the alphabet. For example: "s" and "e". Next have residents shout out words that start with an S and end with an E. such as stove, store, stone, sore. This game is a lot of fun and you can go through many words using different letters. I find whiteboard games to be more interactive with residents because you don't fall into the repetitive circle of one or two people being involved with something that may be more challenging such as trivia questions. 


Directions: Don't Look Back is a very interactive game sure to get many residents involved. First you need to ask a resident to volunteer. Once you have a volunteer have them sit with their back to your whiteboard. One rule is they cannot look back at what you write down. You can write a person, place or thing. Now this is when the audience gets involved. Without giving away what you have written on the board, they have to shout...

October 14, 2017

1) Washington Irving, the author of " The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" named the character Ichabod Crane after a real man by the same name whom he had been in the service with. The real Ichabod is buried in Staten Island, NY. 

2) Originally trick or treaters had to dance to get their treats. 

3) Halloween comes from the Celtic festival of the dead called Samhain. It was actually the Irish Celts who invented the Jack O Lantern. Before pumpkins, Jack O Lanterns were made from turnips. 

4) In a few American towns, Halloween was referred to as cabbage night. This was from the Scottish fortune telling game in which girls used to use cabbage stumps to give them information on their future husbands. In the early nineteenth century, country kids would throw cabbages, corn and other vegetables at their neighbors houses. 

5) Margaret Hamilton, who famously played the Wicked Witch of the West used to be a school teacher. 

6) The top pumpkin producing states are: Illinois, California, Ohio, New York, Penns...

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