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January 26, 2018

Being an Activity Director is an amazing profession. Aside from being a comedian, how often do you have a profession in which you can make others laugh? It might not always be the most praised profession, but in celebration of National Activity Professionals Week please take the time to honor yourselves. 

Perhaps go out on a nice date night...Treat yourself to a massage, or get yourself something special. Whatever it may be, do something to take time out for yourself.  You deserve to sometimes step back and allow yourself to smile too! 

I have read that several activity directors didn't have their week acknowledged by their administrators, and it really disheartened me. I might be one person, but I want to let all of my hard-working readers know, that you are a gift. It takes a certain person to do what we do. You have to have heart, compassion, empathy, kindness and creativity within your soul to be an activity professional. If you haven't been praised at work, don't let it di...

January 25, 2018

More and more baby boomers are begin admitted into LTC facilities. Are we doing everything we can to help them?

Who Classifies as a Baby Boomer:

A baby boomer is anyone who was born in between the years of 1946 and 1964.

Why are baby boomers any different than the long-term care seniors we have been programming for?

  Baby Boomers fall into an entirely different category

* They are from a culture of change. They were around for the sexual revolution, revolution against following societal norms of their era.

*Different gender roles: Some women began working instead of being mothers and caregivers.

*They are not a generation that is “old”.  Baby boomers try to hold on to their youth as much as they can. With anti-aging creams, senior dating websites and fitness groups for seniors, they are breaking the norm of retirement!

How Do We Engage Baby Boomers into taking part in leisurely activities?

Being much younger than typical long-term care residents, it is understandable why many are hesitant...

January 7, 2018


Instructions: Have your audience guess who matches the famous person or character listed on the left column.

  1. Antony and ……….                                           ANSWER: Cleopatra

  2. Richard Burton and….                                    ANSWER: Elizabeth Taylor

  3. Queen Victoria of England and..                  ANSWER: Prince Albert

  4. Romeo and…                                                   ANSWER: Juliet

  5. Adam and….                                                    ANSWER:...

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