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February 17, 2018

It is something that no one wants to ever imagine could be possible. But unfortunately it is a reality. The fact that an active shooter scenario can happen in a senior living facility is terrifying. Sometimes people choose to prey on the weaker and those less able to defend themselves. 

Just in 2017, Thomas Hartless, 43, was found dead inside Pine Kirk Care Center after having killed medical staff and a Kirkersville Police Chief. 

Throughout my career as an activity professional I have seen countless videos on how to handle an active shooter scenario. Hide, Run, Fight has been ingrained in my mind. One thing, however, that has always been questioned is what can I do to ensure the safety of the seniors that I loved and want to protect ? 

Here are a few suggestions that I recommend, however it is always best to contact you local

emergency action plans as well as your facilities safety guidelines. 

1) Ensure your building has a Safety Team or Committee. Trained staff that are given help and gu...

February 9, 2018

When I first became an activity director I was very overwhelmed. I was an activity assistant at the time and our director had left. I was asked to fill in as an intermin director. At that time I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t know all of the protocols, rules and regulations of my facility. I was terrified, but I agreed to taking the position because I knew it was a step in the right direction. Even though I knew how to keep my residents happy and program planning was always a joy of mine, I was still terrified on how I was going to do in team meetings and covering my documentation properly. 

 Regardless of just wanting to learn more I knew it was a state requirement to be a certified activity director. I had searched online to find classes and finally was recommended to visit At first I began the independent study program which is very convientent for people who can’t take the time off of work to attend an in-class course. It was a great program, however...

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