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May 24, 2018

You may have been planning for a fun activity all month. You prepared everything accordingly. Ordered food, prepared games and giveaways. But come the day of the activity, nothing is going as you had it planned. My advice is “When in doubt-don’t freak out.” Make sure you always have a back up plan.

Provide yourself with an activity cart filled with multiple trivia books, playing cards, game boards, crafts and more. Provide options. If you see something isn’t working-then do something else. Activities should be subject to change when it is at the residents will.

The facilities in which we work aren’t just a place of employment, it is a home to the seniors we love and care for. Let’s let them have a say. If a program isn’t working, we shouldn’t have to subject them to it for over an hour or two hours. We just have to stop, take a breath and read the room.

Keys to Running a Successful Program:

Provide Options


Have Back Up Materials


Provide Table Top Activities Such as Print Outs, Board...

May 20, 2018

Directions: Share the movie plot with your residents. Then have them guess the film title. 


This 1954 film is about a playboy who becomes interested in the daughter of his family’s chauffer, after she comes back from Paris a beautiful and sophisticated woman. His serious older brother begins a bond with the chauffer’s daughter and soon falls for her as well. This film starred Audrey Hepburn, William Holden, and Humphrey Bogart.




When ex-tennis champion Tony Wendice carries out a plot to murder his adulterous  wife Margot, things go wrong. Tony decides to blackmail an old an old schoolmate to do the deed and plans to use a "boys night out" as his alibi. But when the murder doesn't go as planned and Margo kills her assassin, Tony is left having to improvise. 


Dial "M" for Murder


A widowed Eurasian doctor Han Suyin and American journalist Mark Elliot meet in Hong Kong and fall in love, despite prejudices of the time.  But their love faces many ch...

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