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June 28, 2018

With summer approaching, Activity Directors are planning outdoor activities to take advantage of the sunshine and residents are eager to spend their leisure time outdoors. 

However, it’s important  activity professionals be prepared for the potential dangers warmer weather poses for our residents.

There is an increased risk of UTI’s due to dehydration, heat sickness, sensitivity to sunlight due to medication, as well as an increased susceptibility to heatstroke due to age and health. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the odds of developing skin cancer rise as you age.


What We Can Do:

  • Ensure programs have opportunities to offer cold beverages

  • Have “indoor alternative” activities

  • Give residents opportunities for breaks or to go back inside at some during your program

  • Be made aware of residents with sun-related sensitivities

  • Have plenty of sun screen (AARP suggests an SPF between 30 and 50 for seniors) available

  • Take note of the earl...

February 17, 2018

It is something that no one wants to ever imagine could be possible. But unfortunately it is a reality. The fact that an active shooter scenario can happen in a senior living facility is terrifying. Sometimes people choose to prey on the weaker and those less able to defend themselves. 

Just in 2017, Thomas Hartless, 43, was found dead inside Pine Kirk Care Center after having killed medical staff and a Kirkersville Police Chief. 

Throughout my career as an activity professional I have seen countless videos on how to handle an active shooter scenario. Hide, Run, Fight has been ingrained in my mind. One thing, however, that has always been questioned is what can I do to ensure the safety of the seniors that I loved and want to protect ? 

Here are a few suggestions that I recommend, however it is always best to contact you local

emergency action plans as well as your facilities safety guidelines. 

1) Ensure your building has a Safety Team or Committee. Trained staff that are given help and gu...

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