Baby Boomers Survey!

Hello everyone! I would like to share a survey that I conducted at my previous facility. I had struggled with involvement when it came to my baby boomer population. I knew over ten years ago that singing "In the Good Old Summer Time" and talking about famous celebrities of the 1940's and 50's wasn't always going to be a part of my job. I really wanted to get an understanding of this wonderful generation. A generation of revolution, free-spiritedness, culture change and inspiration....I put together a survey I called " The Next Generation Survey" to get a better idea of what younger adults would enjoy doing. Please feel free to copy and paste this survey if you find it helpful to understanding your residents needs.

Next Generation Survey

Dear Resident,

It is very important to the Recreation Department that we are suiting your activity needs to the fullest potential. We strive to cater to the needs of all of our residents, so please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.

Resident Name: ____________________ Date: ___________________

Please circle the answer in bold that best describes your interest:

1) Is using the internet an important role in your life? Yes/No

2) How important is the internet in your day life? Very Important/ Somewhat Important/ Not Important At All

3) Would you like to see more internet/ technology based activities? Yes/ No

4) Would you be interested in classes on computer use/ the internet? Yes/No

5) If you use the internet, what do you use it for? News & Current Events/ Movies/ Social Media

6) Is it important to you to socialize with peers your own age? Very Important/ Somewhat Important/ Not Important At All

7) Would you be interested in health & nutrition based seminars? Yes/No

8) Would you be interested in community project/volunteer programs? Yes/No

9) How important is it to you to go out to restaurants/shopping? Very Important/ Somewhat Important/ Not Important At All

10) Would you like to attend culinary programs? Yes/No

11) Do you enjoy going scenic outings? Yes/No

12) Are you interested in more physical (exercises, brisk walks, hiking trips) “if able” programs outdoors? Yes/No

13) Would you be interested in attending sporting events? Yes/No

14) Would you be interested in cultural outings (Theatre, Music, Art, etc)? Yes/No

15) If you’re a veteran of the military, would you be interested in activities or seminars such as VFW meetings and/or Veteran socials? Yes/No

16) Would you be interested in groups that cater to creative interests, such as creative writing, book clubs, etc.? Yes/ No

17) Would you like to see more current films/new releases? Yes/No

18) Would you be interested in seminars on benefits and programs available for those 65+/financial planning? Yes/No

19) Do you feel that our current recreation calendar reflects your activity needs? Yes/No

20) Would you be interested in educational programs such as historic society visits, museum outings, etc.? Yes/No

In closing, do you have any comments or recommendations for programs you would like to see added to our monthly social calendar?

We thank you for your time and participation in this survey!

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