Thanksgiving Fun Facts To Share With Your Residents!

1) Who doesn't enjoy a tv dinner every once in a while? But does anyone know how the idea originated in 1953? Well, Swanson overshot the amount of Turkeys they would sell on that particular Thanksgiving. This resulted in having over 26 tons of turkey breasts! So, one very creative employee at Swanson made the brilliant decision to slice up the meat and repackage it with some tasty sides. It ended up becoming such a popular sell that Swanson created many more varieties of frozen meals.

2) Female turkeys, which are called hens can only cackle. Only male turkeys, called Toms, can gobble.

3) We have Abe Lincoln to be thankful for....He was the president whom issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation declaring the last Thursday in November as the national day of Thanksgiving.

4) One Turkey Is Left Unscathed- Since 1947 the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation is a ceremony at the White House a few days before Thanksgiving in which a turkey is pardoned from being slaughtered by the President of the United States. After the pardoning ceremony, the turkey then gets to live in sanctuary on a farm.

5) Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. Nearly 42 million Americans travel by car 50 miles more on the holiday according to the American Automobile Association.

6) The first Thanksgiving was eaten with spoons and knives. Pilgrims didn't know about forks until 10 years after the first Thanksgiving feast.

7) There were no large balloons during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade until 1927. The first parade in 1924 only featured live animals from the Central Park Zoo.

8) Americans consume 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.

9) According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest turkey on record weighs 86 pounds.

10) Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the bald eagle. He felt people were mocking him due to his baldness when they suggested a bald eagle should be the national bird.

11) "Over the River and Though the Woods" was originally a Thanksgiving poem.

12) The first Thanksgiving lasted for three days.

13) Despite old wives tales, turkey doesn't make you tired. It contains no more tryptophan than cheese or chicken.

14) If turkeys are raised commercially, they cannot fly.

15) The Pilgrims didn't eat turkey during the first Thanksgiving. They ate lobster, hickory nuts, cabbage, goat cheese and squash.

16) Every year, the average American eats about 17 pounds of turkey.

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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