What are people saying about My Activity Resources???

Here are a few of our lovely testimonials:

Kristen P. says: My Activity Resources is such a great tool to have as someone who works in the Activities field. As anyone who has worked in this field, it can be a very busy job and there’s often times where there isn’t much time to make quality calendars and activities but with the pre made calendars, daily scoops, activity guidebooks, and much more, My Activity Resources really helps to give great ideas and ensures great success everyday for the residents. The best thing is that the calendars are customizable so you can use some activities already provided but then you can add your own flair and unique touch based on your residents needs. I highly recommend this website as they are always coming out with the best activities and even reading material to better understand our residents. 5 stars!

Ryan D. says: They are probably on of the best things that has transformed our Lifestyle 360 Having a good calendar is the base of your program . 

Andreea says: I encourage those of you who are interested in offering daily activities to start with the calendar and supportive materials. 

You will have a lot of fun and so will your residents ! 

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