Baby Boomers: Coming Soon!

More and more baby boomers are begin admitted into LTC facilities. Are we doing everything we can to help them?

Who Classifies as a Baby Boomer:

A baby boomer is anyone who was born in between the years of 1946 and 1964.

Why are baby boomers any different than the long-term care seniors we have been programming for?

Baby Boomers fall into an entirely different category

* They are from a culture of change. They were around for the sexual revolution, revolution against following societal norms of their era.

*Different gender roles: Some women began working instead of being mothers and caregivers.

*They are not a generation that is “old”. Baby boomers try to hold on to their youth as much as they can. With anti-aging creams, senior dating websites and fitness groups for seniors, they are breaking the norm of retirement!

How Do We Engage Baby Boomers into taking part in leisurely activities?

Being much younger than typical long-term care residents, it is understandable why many are hesitant to join activities. In fact, no one should be forced to attend a program if they wish to be on their own. After all, we have to RESPECT their wishes being from an age in which independence is valued.

So how can we ensure they are enjoying themselves???

* DO A SURVEY!!! Baby Boomers like to make their own decisions and share their input. Have residents fill out opinion surveys. Have them suggest trips they would like to attend. This is vital in person-centered care.

Find out restaurant trips they would like to attend, movies and plays they may like to see, community outreach programs they would like to attend, etc. Give them choices and hear their opinions!



They enjoy keeping in contact with their friends and family. While conducting a study with over thousands of baby boomers many stated that free Wi-Fi is a must!'


Try bringing the activity to them. Have a strolling activity cart. Have iPhone/iPad/smart phone app competitions.


Incorporate themed meals in your programs. Have an Italian day and have a pasta tasting or a Tuscany Cooking Club!

We have to offer quality programs to break the mold and stigma of LTC

Instead of being an “elderly home” let’s come off as “Resorts After Retirement”.

How Do We Help Baby Boomers Stay Connected?

Can’t afford a Smart TV? We can still provide age-appropriate programming with the help of a streaming device. YouTube has many trivia questions, songs and concerts for every generation to enjoy and much more!

Don’t Forget...

Boomers will create respect for aging and will form a resurgence of activism and spirit in aging and the revolution of daily activities.

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