You Oughta Know...

Being an Activity Director is an amazing profession. Aside from being a comedian, how often do you have a profession in which you can make others laugh? It might not always be the most praised profession, but in celebration of National Activity Professionals Week please take the time to honor yourselves.

Perhaps go out on a nice date night...Treat yourself to a massage, or get yourself something special. Whatever it may be, do something to take time out for yourself. You deserve to sometimes step back and allow yourself to smile too!

I have read that several activity directors didn't have their week acknowledged by their administrators, and it really disheartened me. I might be one person, but I want to let all of my hard-working readers know, that you are a gift. It takes a certain person to do what we do. You have to have heart, compassion, empathy, kindness and creativity within your soul to be an activity professional. If you haven't been praised at work, don't let it discourage you. Although your residents may not be able to verbally tell you how grateful they are- look at their smiles when you walk into the room...Embrace their hugs when they reach out to you. Even though it hurts to not have your administration acknowledge your special week- remember that each day you are making a difference to your residents. And they love you for it- even if they can't say the words.

Don't forget- you are the heart and soul of your facility- and you are making a difference each and every single day!!

Happy National Activity Professionals Week,

Krista Fischer, ADC

Owner of

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