Eversound: An Amazing Tool For Making Special Connections

  Matt Reiners of Eversound was kind enough to answer some questions about his game- changing products that have helped countless seniors become more engaged in social programs. If you are interested in a free trial to see just how amazing Eversound is for yourself, please visit this link: 

Q. What inspired you to create your company? 

A.Hundreds of thousands of older adults are socially isolated and depressed due to hearing loss. We created Eversound to help all of them be happier, more socially engaged, and more connected to their communities. Q.What role do you think technology is going to play for senior living and care facilities? A.We’ll see more and more activities professionals adopting innovative technologies that help them improve their residents’ quality of life. We’re already seeing this trend with products like IN2L, Rendever, and of course Eversound! Q.How have your headphones improved participation in group programming? A. More than half of all residents in senior communities struggle with hearing loss. Eversound improves participation in group programming by enabling every resident to hear exactly what’s being said. LCB Senior Living conducted an independent study and found Eversound improved resident engagement by 28%. Commonwealth Senior Living conducted an independent study as well and found that Eversound improved resident attendance by 20%. Here’s what our customers are saying: “Eversound is a perfect fit for all of our residents, across all levels of care, and implementation couldn’t have been easier.” "Dillion was able to speak to his wife and the room was filled with tears. She was so happy to hear his voice telling her he loves her. He said, ‘This is the first time I’ve talked to my wife in years.’ It was such a special moment and we continue to have them every day! Thank you Eversound!" “We are very pleased with Eversound. We have used them daily and had great success. Love this product!! The woman I discussed with you has had amazing results. She can now participate in most activities!! Thank you!!” Q. What has been one of the most rewarding feedback you’ve received from people using your products? A.We’ve heard from married couples who have struggled to communicate with each other for years due to hearing loss, but with Eversound they can actually hold a conversation. We’ve heard from children who are now able to truly connect with their parents. These heartwarming stories have literally brought our team to tears! Q.Have you found the Eversound systems used in some ways you haven’t expected them to be? There are so many benefits to your program, I’m sure there are so many different uses. A.Customers are always finding innovative and creative ways of using Eversound! One of our favorites is the “Silent Dance Party.” It’s just like a dance party, but everyone listens to the same music on Eversound headphones instead of speakers! The Silent Dance Party is great because it incorporates music therapy in addition to fitness. We find when communities are holding this program residents get up and dance! It’s always a hit! 

Interview by: Krista Fischer, Owner of 

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