Fourth of July Fun!


1.What was the main reason the United States declared independence?

Answer: Taxation without representation.

2.Who had the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence?

Answer: John Hancock

Fun Fact: John Hancock's autograph, according to Legend, was signed much bigger than everyone else's so that " the fat old King could read it without his spectacles."

3. In what city was the Declaration of Independence signed?

Answer: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

4. What is our national bird?

Answer: The Bold Eagle

5. Who wrote the National Anthem?

Answer: Francis Scott Key

6. Who sewed the first American Flag?

Answer: Betsy Ross

7. What country invented fireworks?

Answer: China


Paul Revere

* Although Paul Revere was known to be a silversmith by trade, he actually worked as an amateur dentist. He made dentures with walrus ivory or animal teeth into his patient's mouths. In 1776, he had unwittingly became the first person that practiced forensic dentistry to identify a body. His good friend, and a "son of liberty" Joseph Warren was killed during the Battle of Bunker Hill. He had recognized wiring he had used on a false tooth in his friend's mouth.

* The poem about Paul Revere's midnight ride written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a bit inaccurate. The first inaccuracy was that he rode alone to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British were coming to Lexington. He actually rode along two other men, Samuel Prescott and William Dawes. He also never was able to reach Concord, as the poem had said. He was overtaken by the British, the three riders then split up and headed in different directions. While Paul was temporarily detained by the British at Lexington and Dawes lost his way after falling off of his horse, Prescott was the only man left to deliver the message and he safely delivered it to Concord's residents. It is believed that Prescott, who was a young physician, died a few years later in the war.

* After the war was done, Paul became a successful business man. He opened a hardware store, a foundry and than the first rolling copper mill in the United States. He had provided many materials for the historic frigate, the USS Constitution, that played a huge role i the War of 1812 and is the world's oldest floating commissioned naval vessel.

* Revere was the father to 16 children. Eight of his children were between him and his first wife , Sarah Orne, and the other eight children were with his second wife Rachel, who he had married after Sarah's death.


Who was Joseph Warren??

Joseph Warren was a Massachusetts physician who had been commissioned a Major General to the colony's militia shortly before the June 17, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill. Most generals exercise their rank and stay behind their men fighting in battle. Joseph was a very brave man and served in the battle as a private soldier. He was sadly killed in combat when British troops stormed on top of Breed's Hill. When his body was discovered months later, Paul Revere identified him by dental work he had given him. British General Gage reportedly said that Joseph Warren's death was equal to the death of 500 men. He was a well respected patriot and his death had encouraged the revolutionary cause because it was viewed by many Americans as a heroic act of martyrdom.


1. Name something people do on the Fourth of July.

1 Watch fireworks

2 Have a BBQ

3 Go Camping

4 Swim

5 Light Sparklers

6 Drink beer

2. Name fo