Adult Family Homes Subscription Packages

My Activity Resources has been providing monthly activity calendars to nursing home and assisted living facilities for nearly two years throughout the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Recently, providers from the Adult Family Home community have reached out to us in hopes of creating monthly activity programs for their locations. We were glad to oblige.

We have created fun calendars with seasonal backgrounds that are sure to be a fabulous marketing tool for AFH providers. We are currently offering six month subscription packages which include

-made monthly activity calendars that come accompanied with day-to-day guides. The guides help care workers by offering instructions on how to perform each activity whether it be a cooking class, a craft or even exciting socials.

Quality of life is important to not only those you serve, but also yourself. By having six months worth monthly calendars, it allows you to focus on whats truly important- spending less time on the computer planning and more quality time with your residents.

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