November Calendar Planning Guide

Below are activities that are listed on our November Calendar ( In our shop). We wanted to save some paper and digitize our monthly activity planners.



Instead of having a pre-made illustration to paint on, give your residents a plain white paper that is paint compatible. Play holiday music in the background. Have residents paint whatever winter scene desire. You can tell them if they would like to paint abstract art, or something that reminds them of the holiday season, while relaxing and painting.

(If your facility allows it, this would be a great program to offer wine with- just always make sure to have non-alcoholic options)

The Don’t Look Back Game

Don’t look back is a great group activity! First you have to ask for a resident to volunteer to “ Not Look Back.” Have them sit in front of a large chalkboard/dry erase board facing the opposite way. On the board write any person, place or thing. Now, in order for the resident to find out what is written behind them, the audience (fellow residents) have to give clues without giving away the answer.

For example, if you write Eiffel Tower on the board, residents would have to give clues such as “ This is a landmark in Paris.”


Fill red solo cups with water half way and sort like in the picture above. Three cups in the back, two cups in the middle and one cup in front. On a table that allows a lot of bounce, have residents sit on each end of the table and try to throw ping pong balls into the other resident’s cup!


If your care home has a smart TV, go to and you can search trivia games that everyone can play. Just make sure to pause the screen before the answers are shown. There are countless trivia videos on youtube that can be fun and educational .

Thanksgiving Trivia:


Directions: On a Whiteboard " or chalkboard" write down any two letters in the alphabet. For example: "s" and "e". Next have residents shout out words that start with an S and end with an E. such as stove, store, stone, sore. This game is a lot of fun and you can go through many words using different letters. I find whiteboard games to be more interactive with residents because you don't fall into the repetitive circle of one or two people being involved with something that may be more challenging such as trivia questions.


Play some jukebox style tunes while acting as a “soda jerk”. Serve up blended milkshakes and dance your heart out to classic singers like “The Big Bopper”, Little Richie, and other fun 50’s/60’s performers.

YOUTUBE KARAOKE/ Karaoke Krooners

Put together a playlist of karaoke songs to sing along to on your smart tv.

Lights, Camera, Appetite

To switch up regular matinees, let's make it a sensory experience! By creating dishes inspired by the movies you are showing

Relaxation Station:

Play soft, meditation music and offer relaxing hand massages with warm cloths & lotions. Service water with lemon.

Special Days To Celebrate This Month:

November 1st is All Saint's Day and Dios Los Muertos

November 3rd is Sandwich Day

November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day

November 6th is National Nacho Day

November 7th is International Merlot Day

November 8th US General Election Day

November 9th is World Freedom Day

November 11th is Veteran's Day

November 13th is World Kindness Day

November 14th Is World Diabetes Day

November 16th is National Fast Food Day

November 17th Worl