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Have your community shine!!

My Activity Resources is working hard to fight the stigma of senior care. One way we can get the message out is by speaking with Executive Directors and sharing their perspective. Local communities can learn how aging care has evolved and is not the dreaded " old person home" depiction that has been popularized through films and television. Retiring in a senior community can be so incredibly beneficial.

Think about how relaxed you are when you take a vacation at a resort. Everything is taken care of for you. Now isn't that an amazing way to retire? To be able to focus on your hobbies and not worry about doing the laundry or planning your next meal. That is what has to be stressed to potential residents. It is so vital to break down those societal misconceptions.

With our Community Highlight articles, your community can be advertised sharing all of the amenities your center offers. A Community Highlight article costs $65 to publish and is shared among social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook groups within your surrounding areas. It is an opportunity to show your vision and mission to a broad audience.

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